February 15, 2024

Peoples Mortgage Celebrates Outstanding Achievements with President’s Club Winners

Tempe, Feb. 15th, 2024 — Peoples Mortgage, a leading name in the mortgage industry, is thrilled to announce and congratulate the Loan Officers who have earned the esteemed honor of joining the President’s Club this year. Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have set them apart, and we are excited to recognize their achievements.

The 2024 President’s Club Winners are:

Carrie Hughes

Diane Greenough

Emily Zach

Holly Silas

Juan Holguin

Matthew Bubacz

Mike Morgan

Paxton Buglewicz

Taylor Briggs

These individuals have consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and professionalism throughout the year, contributing to the overall success and growth of Peoples Mortgage. Each member of the President’s Club has not only met but surpassed the high standards set for achieving remarkable milestones in the mortgage industry.

"We are extremely proud of the achievements of our President’s Club winners. Their hard work and commitment to excellence have set a benchmark for the entire team," said Stan Morris, President, CEO at Peoples Mortgage.

As a token of appreciation for their exceptional efforts, Peoples Mortgage is excited to announce an upcoming adventure for the President’s Club winners. The team is gearing up for an exciting trip to Key West in April, promising a well-deserved break filled with fun and relaxation. Peoples Mortgage looks forward to continuing its success and recognizing the outstanding contributions of its team members. The President’s Club winners serve as an inspiration to the entire organization, embodying the values of dedication, hard work, and excellence.